John MacMahon

Chief Executive Officer

John holds a BS in Physics from UCSC and a Masters from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering. He also trained in Biomechanical Engineering at Stanford under Drs. Dennis Carter and Thomas Andriacchi. At Stanford, John was a member of the first class of Medical Device Design, which became the Stanford BioDesign Program. He has led a number of medical device start-ups in coronary and vascular disease. This is his first project in scoliosis.

Julie Glowacki

Chief Operating Officer

Julie is the Chief Operating Officer for Moyarta 2 managing the implementation of the hardware and software aspects of our initial product the “Stand and Deliver” dynamic brace simulator. Julie has extensive experience in scoliosi needs finding through the practice of clinical shadowing at National Scoliosis Center in Fairfax, Virginia with renowned scoliosis orthotist Luke Stikeleather.

Julie was formerly an AGILE Business Systems Analyst for NJVC Inc.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University and a Masters from Pennsylvania State University in Software Engineering.

Jeremy Boyette

Lead Engineer

Jeremy has 6 years of experience in the medical device industry. He is a Manufacturing and Process Development Engineer at Forsight Vision 4, was an R&D Engineer for Maya Medical, a Shifamed portfolio company, which was acquired by Covidien in April 2012. Prior to Maya Medical, Jeremy was an R&D Engineer at Sadra Medical, which was acquired by Boston Scientific. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Santa Clara University.